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“F.L.O.W. - For Love of Wisdom
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Worry Free Community is a platform of opportunities that exist within our community where commitment and competency meet.  We train students, adults, and elderly to provide community service as experts.

 Currently, we are offering 4 different volunteer training programs and different locations and different times of the year.  Follow us on facebook to learn more about our trainings and our volunteers.  You can also request our volunteers to be a part of your own event by contacting us and having your event displayed on our calendar.


This is a 4 hr. classroom style education based training.  It provides basic health care background information to the attendees that helps make sense of the haphazard nature of today's healthcare industry.  They learn the basics of health coverage including Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, as well as how to conduct Health Screenings and collect data for community health purposes. Topics also include: Register.

  • ACA Coverage / Medicare / Medicaid
  • Preventive vs. Primary Care
  • Data gathering |  Community Health Surveys
  • Learn to organize health programs in your own community


Community Services Volunteers are trained in carrying out any kinds of community events successfully. The 4 hr. workshop focuses on teaching the basics of registration, crowd handling, and how to organize teams.  The workshop also includes Time Management, Data Management, and measuring outcomes of the events.  There are tremendous loads of opportunities available for people who are committed to building their competencies.  Stay tuned to our website and facebook page for training offerings. 


A full 5 day classroom training provides knowledge in initiating Community Health Programs, obtain funding, market the event, gather necessary resources, and conduct the event.  Additionally, the attendees learn the basics of Case Management, and with 200 hours of hands on experience with us, they get a proficiency certificate of experience as a volunteer in case management. Classroom education provides the necessary knowledge to become the Community Health Worker, but its the hands on experience at our events that gives you the EXPERITSE!  The CHWs will be able to lead the following programs in their communities:

  • Learn Preventive Care
  • Conducting Health Screenings
  • Affordable Care Coverage
  • Coverage to Care / Learn to maximize your insurance benefits


Health Educators have been around for many years.  Our CHE program adds he additional layer of Community Health to the Health Educator aspect.  Eligible attendees already have some knowledge about specific discipline. They could be Nutritionist, Retired Physicians, Registered Nurses, or Therapists.  They could also be paraprofessionals like Medical Assistants, Dental Assistance or Mental Health Professionals. The attendees acquire useful knowledge on how to organize teaching and educating workshops for their community members on where to obtain resources in their community at the lowest possible cost. The CHEs will be able to lead the following programs:

  • Understanding Human Body and how to take basic care
  • Alternative Medicine Options
  • The power in proper nutrition
  • Diet and nutrition workshops