About Us


Since the kick off ACA enrollment, our team has enrolled 3500 folks, counseled 5000 individuals and outreached over 400,000 people through seminars, radio talks.

We Have Been at the Forefront of Nearly Every Major Public Victory 


Our Mission

Worry Free Community's mission is to build competency at the individual level, channelize the wealth of experiences at the organizational level and align available resources at the community level to bring about the much needed socio-economic changes to our country.    


 At WFC, people receive guidance and services at both personal and professional level. Through one on one counseling, on case by case basis, our volunteers and staff help folks to understand their challenges at hand and design an optimum solutions striking a balance between individuals' capabilities and available resources.  Most popular training programs include Community Health Worker, Health Educator, & Community Service Volunteer.  All volunteers and workers receive Certificate of Training and Community Service Hours. 

Worry Free Community is a non-profit 501 c 3 charity; Tax ID:47-4911621.


WFC and its team has been a great help for us and our community this Summer. We are looking forward to our ongoing partnership. Their support is very encouraging and we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Br. Hashim, Imam of Fort Wayne Mosque


What We've Achieved


  • WFC is a certified CAC designated organization with 15 CACs on board.
  • We are a designated "Champion for Change" by FFM (Federally Facilitated Marketplace)
  • WFC team has been working since Spring of 2013 to promote access to healthcare even to undocumented folks.
  • We work with 35 different community based organization at local and national level, including Enroll America, Get Covered Illinois, CMSISNA, ICNA, CCN and many others. 
  • Our team has outreached over 400,000 people since summer of 2013 till spring of 2016 to promote Marketplace enrollment. 
  • In first 3 years of ACA enrollment, the team of 4 marketplace experts enrolled had enrolled over 1300 folks.
  • We have provided financial counseling to over 400 families since 2013.
  • Over 400 volunteers has been trained on community services and community health since Spring of 2013.