ACA / Obamacare & Health Care Coverage


NO ONE should be left without healthcare coverage.  Healthcare is one of the basic rights. If you or anyone you know does not have healthcare insurance,


CALL  630-868-3639 (our office)


and book the first available appointment with our Certified Application Counselor, CAC.  These services are FREE.

Medicaid Application

Medicaid Re-determination

Obamacare / ACA Enrollment




There are many more options available today for our elderly as well. Every option can be beneficial when it is applied to the appropriate situation.  We provide FREE consult to the folks over 65 years of age so they take the most advantage of their health care coverage, no matter what they have.  These solutions can include::

  • Tradional Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage Counsling
  • Medicare & Medicaid - Dual Eligible Managed Care options
  • Traditional Medicare & Medicaid
  • How to reduce Prescription Drug costs


Even for undocumented folks who do not have healthcare coverage, we provide referral to Compassionate Care Network for the Primary Care and Specialty Care services.

We also provide referrals for Federally Qualified Health Care Clinics and other FREE Clinics locally so patients to can be served for the entire care.