Onsite Services:

It's a peer to peer tutoring program for elementary and middle schoolers who can bring in their daily work and get help. They will be tutored by another student who is 2 to 4 grades higher than them. The program is designed to help students understand and reinforce the already learned concepts as well as develop teamwork spirit.  More Info here...(poster)


This program is designed for kids who are currently being homeschooled.  Tutors and other academic resources are available to enhance the learning and educating experience for the homeschoolers. Parents can also network with other homeschooling parents to discuss and share their experiences and resources. Printing, emailing and computer resources are available on site.


Several wellbeing programs are run by community groups. Each group consists of volunteer members of local community folks who are interested in that particular topic. Each group also has subject matter experts, for example, nutritionists, mental health experts, natural medicine experts who meet regularly to provide guidance and develop topic specific toolkits for the public education and promotion of healthier community.  To join these groups, please visit Initiative page and join any one or more holistic health groups.  All events are announced on the calendar of events on the main page.