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The discipline of Community Health is very broad and covers a very wide spectrum of health. F


rom wellbeing to chronic care to end of life support aspects. A seasoned COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKER is expected to have a basic understanding of all aspects of community health and guide the community member in an appropriate direction for the resolution. Such an extensive training program requires an extended amount of experience, classroom education and a source of revenue to support such a position in the community.  Unfortunately, the United States healthcare industry is far from that reality.  We have yet to recognize a COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKER job position. 

To support the current Community Health Worker needs, Worry Free Community is offering a basic Community Health Worker Training Program that mainly revolves around Access to care solutions, a market demand that was created with the inception of the Affordable Care Act health enrollment in 2013. 


WFC's Community Health Worker Training Program constitutes a 45-hour of classroom education and another 45-hours of hands-on training in the public setting to acquire basic skill-set in Health Coverage and access to care solutions.  Upon finishing the CHW training, the student will have the option to either become a "Coverage to Care" Counselor or a "Certified Assister Counselor", CAC. Both of these are paid positions with local health care providers or community-based organizations. 

The training will cover some of the following topics:

  • Affordable Care Act / Obamacare insurance basics
  • Medicaid eligibility requirements
  • Medicaid Denials
  • Medicare eligibility requirements
  • Health Insurance for new immigrants
  • Health Insurance for unemployed or underemployed
  • What happens if there is no insurance when the patient ends up in ER
  • How to apply for low-cost Health Insurance
  • How to maximize health insurance benefits


Trained Community Health Workers will serve as HEALTH COVERAGE COUNSELORS and will be placed in their local Community-based non-profit organization to support the access-to-care needs for the local community.

All Community Health Worker training will be announced on the Events Calendar.  Please visit our website periodically to learn about the upcoming events as we set up the class schedule.  You can also pre-register by filling out the inquiry form on the "Contact Us" page and writing "CHW training" in the description section.