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We have adopted two basic methodologies to help us run the community projects and also help communities to reap the benefits of this work.

Project Managment Methodology


Community-Based Participatory Research Methodology



When you sign up as a VOLUNTEER, or INTERN with us, you become a part of our PROJECT TEAM.  Our signatory work derives from the power of blending the two methodologies and using a tailored approach for our work where we align the available community resources and channelize the community expertise to the fulfill the community needs.

We proudly share our projects and methodologies with our volunteers and interns and provide them with the opportunity to learn and gain hands-on experience. YOU can get involve and enjoy the Project Managment and Community-Based Participatory Research experience that you can add to your profile or resume. through the many opportunities, we currently have.

Research provides us with data for our main success measure: the impact we create by meeting our community members needs through our programs. Our activities of community outreach and events through community collaborations provide useful data for 'community needs assessment' which we use to develop WFC programs. Our program development and implementation cycles are a collective effort of our volunteers, community partners, and collaborators for without them none of this impact can be a reality. These multidisciplinary collaborations have made it possible to generate the research cycle from data collection to the dissemination of research findings.


Our Internship program is the main vehicle where research and competency share the ride to arrive at meaningful and measurable outcomes.