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Worry Free Community is a platform of opportunities that exists within our community where commitment and competency meet. We are dedicated to lifetime learners, students, adults, and elderly whose passion is to serve our community like experts.  Our signature Community Service Volunteer program is a one-day training program in service and leadership.
Many people want to volunteer and they join organizations to fulfill their need of self-actualization; however, due to lack of proper training and unclear vision and mission they may not get the point of their work.  Due to this disappointment, they lose interest in volunteering and find something else to do. In order to create a fulfilling volunteering experience for many of our community members, WFC has designed a professional development and a leadership workshop where every volunteer can provide their best.
Community Services Volunteers are trained in carrying out any kinds of community events successfully. The 4-hour workshop focuses on teaching the basics of registration, crowd handling, and how to organize teams. This workshop also includes Time Management, Data Management, and Measuring Outcomes of the events. Our volunteers can be a part of any event, hosted by any organization while performing their best.
There are tremendous loads of opportunities available for people who are committed to building their competencies.  Stay tuned to our website and facebook page for training offerings. 


  • Registration in Volunteer Database
  • Log on your hours to keep track
  • Adult and Youth Internships
  • Competency Building
  • Certification of hours completion
  • Certification of proven competency after 200 hours of specific niche volunteering



Any nonprofit organization can also request our volunteers to be a part of their event by contacting us and having their event displayed on Event Calendar.