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We believe that a leader is the one who is capable of understands the gap between vision and reality and knows how to fill that gap.  Understanding the reality requires an independent and unbiased mind that is also willing to accept the challenge of its time.  The Leadership Training series represents our efforts to bring those tools to young, developing and learning minds that would allow identification and recognition of reality.  Our Leadership trainers will then further pave the path for accomplishing the vision.

Leadership development series focuses on the following topics:

  • Level 5 leadership
    • Developing an Executive Team
    • Maximizing Teamwork
    • Problem-solving & Decision making
    • Stress Management & Managing Pressures


      Leadership Training Workshops for young adults 

Two separate workshops are offered according to student age and convenience. 

1. Leadership Training for Young Adults:

This 2-day leadership training workshop is an intensive capacity building program for young adults. The focus is on Learning & Improvement skills and developing individual core strengths leading towards effective leadership in family, community, academic and professional life.  Ages 14 - 24

2. Focus, Concentration & Memory:

This 3-hour power workshop is designed for improving focus & concentration of Hifz & regular students.  They will learn to avoid distractions, train their minds to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. They will also learn the mental exercises that can improve their memory, retention & grades without being stressed out. Ages 8 – 18.