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the goal of the Mentorship Program is to connect experts in our community with the learners and students. Mentors can be businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and individuals with a desire for contribution and making a difference in someone's life. Volunteers come with a passion to bring a positive change and many volunteers have a lot to offer. If you would like to give back to the community in any way, this program is for you. 

Mentorship program ties in with our following programs:

  • Internship
  • Volunteer Service Training
  • Youth Leadership
  • Job placements for new immigrant


We encourage all those who have a passion for connection and contribution to connect with us and let's work together.


What makes this MENTORSHIP program different?

Measurable Outcomes!

When so much effort is happening we want to quantify it to evidence the success of this program. Each mentor and student relationship has 3 significant components:

  1. It has a specific time frame - so each mentorship has a defined timeline
  2. What needs to happen - based on the student's needs, the program manager defines specific goals and objectives to be covered in the certain time frame.
  3. What is the value of work being done - both the mentor and student are spending time and effort in teaching and learning. This work has a value that can be captured in terms of time and work done.  Not all work has the same monetary value and therefore must be quantified accordingly.  We use the US Department of Labor statistics to calculate the monetary value of each mentorship.



You can HELP! 

 We can register your business as a mentor or you can register yourself as a mentor and be willing to take someone under your wing to teach them the secrets of success.


Business Mentors:

Business Mentors are the lifeline for our Interns. While you register your business with us, we set up a specific line of work 


Individual Mentors:

Please fill out the appropriate form to register either yourself or your business for the mentorship program.