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Collaborate & partner with us!  Co-mission with us to develop community resources and let the benefits flow back to your company.  Take advantage of our ongoing programs, services, and events by committing your monetary support or commit your time and effort to advance both our missions. Contact us to discuss opportunities to work together.  We keep an updates Benefits Management Plan for our stakeholders so you can quantify your support.


Collaboration Opportunities:

Start a long-term partnership with us to develop your business.  You can either sponsor a workshop, any of the onetime Community Health Program, a volunteer training session or you can sponsor a Community Health Worker staff for 1 year at a local community-based organization to support the ongoing need of that community.  Your support will be recognized as we display your logo or name or provide advertising and marketing for your products or services. Talk to us and together we design a catered solution for our collaboration.  Here are some examples of sponsorships. 

You can sponsor:

  • New American workshop 
  • Community Health program 
  • Volunteer Training session
  • Internships / Externships 
  • Community Health Worker for 1 yr. 
  • Community Health Educator for 1 yr. 
  • Join our Mentorship Program to get FREE help in your office


Collaboration Benefits

  • All your donations are 100% Tax Deductible
  • Free Business Development opportunities
  • Free marketing and advertisement
  • Human Resource help
  • Long-Term organizational growth as we all help each other and our missions are carried out.

Current Partners & Collaborators

Become a Partner

To become our partner, contact us on info@worryfreecommunity.org