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Worry Free Community came into existence in 2015 as a non-profit 501 c (3) (Tax ID:47-4911621)  out of the need for appropriate and low-cost health care coverage. However, as our team started to work with local community addressing their access-to-care needs in October 2013, we were inadvertently pulled into resolving many health-related including financial education, health education, mental wellbeing, reproductive, and family relations. Many of these solutions required in-depth counseling for each client and referrals to other community resources for continued support for many of the clients.

Therefore, the WFC's operational cycle strives to align the comprehensive array of community resources while channelizing the individual expertise to build competency to empower our community members.


We encourage all community members to engage with us in whatever capacity that suits them. You can join us as a volunteer, a mentor, collaborate through your organization, or become a community partner if you work with/for a non-profit yourself.  Sign up for any event or program through our Community Calendar.

All volunteers and Interns receive Certificate of Training and Community Service Hours. 


Our Vision

To create a Worry Free Community where everything happens for the love of wisdom



    Our Values

  1. Be Content
  2. Respect Natural Laws
  3. Know Your Intent
  4. Promote Good
  5. Obstruct Evil

Our Mission 

Worry Free Community's mission is to build competency at the individual level, channelize the wealth of experiences at the organizational level and align available resources at the community level to bring about the much needed socio-economic changes to our country.


What we have achieved so far.....


  • The Worry Free team earned certification from CMS to enroll community members in Affordable Care Act plans. 
  • Worry Free team provided enrollment through a partnership with local non-profit organizations that were providing community health services to local community members.
  • The team promoted access to care solutions to even non-documented individuals by channelizing them to other organizations like the Compassionate Care Network, Free & Charitable Clinics, and FQHCs.
  • We have provided financial counseling to over 400 families since 2013.   



  • We were designated "Champion for Change" by FFM (Federally Facilitated Marketplace)
  • Continued to provide public seminars and public education for ACA.


  • WFC became a certified CAC designated organization with 3 CACs on board.







WFC and its team has been a great help for us and our community this Summer. We are looking forward to our ongoing partnership. Their support is very encouraging and we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Br. Hashim, Imam of Fort Wayne Mosque