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Because WFC extensively works in community settings, we have ample opportunities to connect learners and students to real life experiences.  Our organization provides a platform for grass root efforts where needs meet solutions. 

We set up Internships with different education entities and our partner and collaborators to bring a host of for-profit and non-profit environment for our learners. These programs also tie into our training initiatives that are a blend of hands-on field training in the public settings as well as a classroom style lecture sessions that provide current information on the industry standards and protocols. Our objective with the Internship program is to generate a professional out of a student!

We offer Internships in several areas including Community Health, Clinical Settings, Community Education, Social Services, and the government and for-profit sector.  All our Interns join our signature F.L.O.W. program and become proficient in their areas of interest.  Following Internship programs are currently in place in partnership with local and national organizations.    


  • Health Coverage Counselor
  • Community Health Worker
  • Student Educator
  • Health Educator

For more information on applying and setting up your internship please call our office.  Setting up internships with a new school is a lengthy process and may require up to 2 months.  Please be proactive with your application by giving us the appropriate amount of time.