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Holistic Health Dialogue is an ongoing discussion group with members from all different alternative health medicine options. The purpose of this dialogue is to bring awareness about alternative health options that are currently available to the public.  Healing must happen to establish a healthy community.  Lately, due to technological advancements that deliver life over the expense of optimal health, we have learned to live with our new baselines of chronic conditions.  However, many of the so-called "chronic conditions" result from lack of proper health care during the formative years. Naprapathy, Ayurvedic, Hemopathy, Reflexology, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic all have existed for centuries and have proven a success as healing methods as opposed to treatment methods. 

We are currently seeking members to join this group that will be committed for one full year and will publish the holistic toolkit to support healing and guides the public on holistic medicine options.  If interested please fill out the "Inquiry" form and write "Holistic Health Dialogue" in the description.  We will contact you for further details.