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It is a known fact that it takes about 10 years to get settled in this country, bu tit can take less. We are here to help. 

WFC's staff and volunteers help out with questions on immigration, citizenship and naturalization resources.  Our expert volunteers can guide through one-on-one counseling about the immigration and settlement process.  We also offer workshops at WF Community Center as well as at faith-based institutions to people setting up new businesses. We also help with navigating the financial setup, and understanding the IRS and taxation. There are frequent programs for youth and young adults to help with Career Counseling and Career Development.


Understanding budgeting and disposable income is a leading factor in achieving your goals. Through workshops and financial seminars, our partner providers help you establish best practices for your and your family.  Currently, there are two workshops scheduled for the remainder of this year.  

  • Budgeting & Increasing Income
  • Small Business Seminar for New Americans


Career counseling can be distinctly different than career development depending on your age and profession.  Advance your career by Registering for any of our Career Counseling or Personal / Professional Development seminars to learn how.  There are tremendous loads of opportunities available for people who are committed to their own success.  We are teaching them how! 

  • Career Counseling for High School and College students
  • Career Development for Mom & Dad


We offer help with small business set up to get you off the ground and be your own boss.  Through the many seminars and workshops and with the help of our partner providers, you can avoid making the mistakes that cause 9 out of 10 businesses to fail.  Book your first FREE consult today by calling our office 630-344-9457.


Use our FREE resource guide for immigration lawyers, ESL and Citizenship courses.


If you are already a professional and would like to advance your career in a specific direction, take advantage of our several training programs and become competent in your own field.  You may be able to take advantage of our referral program for New Immigrants to evaluate your degree or educational track. 


All community interactions are dominated by specific communication mechanisms that are unique to the people of that country.  New immigrant brings with them a wealth of experience and novel perspectives that get lost over time as they try to integrate with the societal norms of this country.  As we recognize this opportunity,  we make extra effort to help new immigrants with linguistic integration so they can comfortably adjust with their environment without losing their valuable perspectives that may very well contribute to the innovations in their respective disciplines.



Although the refugees get a lot of help initially to get into United States, they lose that support once the initial period of immigration is over. From job placements, kids' schooling, healthcare to taxes; there are many things that these families have to learn and while handling the challenges of growing families and balancing their needs. With language barriers to technology competencies their learning curve can span over 10 years.  This time frame can be shortened to half if they are guided properly.  WFC with its unique training and competency building packages is able to expedite the settlement process. Currently, with the help of our partner providers we are establishing the following programs in the refugee communities: 

  • Skill Assessment and Skill Building
  • Home Work Help for Schoolkids
  • Establishment of Re-Sale shops for the communities to promote job growth
  • English Competency through ESL program
  • Job creations within the community for household work and caregiving 



Community Based Organizations that are well settled already can adopt a new settling refugee community and help them get settled.  Donations of clothing, small to large appliances, household items, furniture, books, & toys can be channeled to upcoming settlements to lower the cost of resettlement.  We encourage non-profits and other CBOs to adopt at least one community within 300 mile radius and provide continuity of support for all ages.


Our Volunteer teams help the refugees find jobs and other staffing opportunities within their residential areas so, they do not need to travel far and save money on travel expenses.


Once the initial period for Refugee Support is over, their medical care may discontinue. It also discontinues when they move from one state to the other and they need to reapply. Very often the refugees do not have the resources and due to language barriers, they may not find the appropriate healthcare resources to support their ongoing healthcare needs. We train the community members and provide them ongoing support for healthcare navigation.


Even though the kids are provided most of their education at their local schools, having a supportive environment at home really determines if they will finish high school or not. Out volunteers are committed to providing these families with the appropriate guidance.