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Through our Community Health Spot Initiative, we are now providing community health support in 4 major areas:

  1. Mental Health Resources
  2. Elderly care Resources
  3. First Aid booth at community events
  4. Localized Community Health Worker

Mental Health Resources:

Mental Health First Aid Coming soon.....

Elderly Care Resources:

Due to separate guidelines for Medicare and Medicaid, a completely separate range of services and channels exist for our elderly.  WFC's CHW can be well versed in these resources and can provide invaluable support for the presented need.


First Aid Booth at Community Events:

Summer fairs and fests throughout the year can be good places to extend healthcare messages to the public.  Additionally, young people and lifetime learners can also get hands-on training during this time and invaluable patient interaction. We have found that providing basic first aid supplies and support through community health workers can go far in resolving many chronic health issues.


Community Health Worker near you:

WFC is currently providing a wide range of services through their Community Health Worker who can be found in your local community.  Their support includes but not limited to the following areas:

  • How to understand your Health Insurance Plan
  • Changing your healthcare provider or finding help
  • What are your out-of-pocket costs