These funds are used for WFC programs for clinical care, medications, nutrition for mothers and elderly, mental health, and wellbeing programs.


Any one with an intention for sadaqa-e-jairah can donate to this account All sadaqas are collected in a separate sadaqa account and distributed on as need basis. Please check the box for the transaction fee so 100% of your donationation is goes to fund the need and with our Non-Profit Tax ID 47-4911621 all of your donations are 100% tax deductible. 


These funds are used to support the needs of the community members deemed eligible for sadaqa usage.  This account is not used for general meeting expenses to avoid utilizing these funds for anyone that may be ineligible for these funds.  These funds are also used to administer the Zakat program and other charitable programs. Since there are some community members in need of support but are not eligible for Zakat or sadaqah, please also consider making a donation to the general category so we can support their needs.


Individuals are deemed sadaqa eligible based on their Federal Poverty Levels, needs, household size, behavioral, and other ethnic factors driving health inequities. New immigrants (less than 5 yrs.), visa statuses from war torn countries, and asylum seekers are given preference are rated at a higher need. 


Annual reports are published within the first quarter of the following year to review the impact of this program. Please subscribe to our newsletter for the timely updates and how your support is impacting people’s lives on a daily basis.


Our goal for 2024 - $80,650


Funds are needed to support the current and future needs of our community members for 2024.

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