WFC’s Zakat program is developed under the guidance of Hazrat Mufti Muneer Ahmed Akhoon, Chairman & founder of Al Muneer Foundation and director of several religious institutions including Dar-ul-lfta International, New York. He is also providing oversight to this program on a routine basis to ensure compliance of Zakat distributions by WFC and its staff.


Your Zakat donation is collected in a separate Zakat account and it is not comingled with any other funds. No other monies are placed in this account either. With our Non-Profit Tax ID 47-4911621 all of your donations are 100% tax deductible. 


100% of the Zakat funds are distributed based on the principle of Tamleek (تمليك) to eligible immigrants and citizens. No admin cost or program delivery costs are taken out of this account. All other costs to distribute Zakat funds are being paid from the Sadaqa and General donation accounts. So please also consider making a donation to those category/ies to support our Zakat efforts and expedited distribution.


Individuals are deemed Zakat eligible based on their Federal Poverty Levels; must also pass asset, age, and chronic condition tests including blind; & disabled.


 Annual reports are published within the first quarter of the following year to review the impact of this program.


our Goal for 2024 - $77,600

Funds are needed to support the current and future needs of our community members for 2024.

Support the zakat Cause

We base Zakat eligibility on an individual’s Federal Poverty Level. We have around 600 families earning between $500 – $2500/mo who are struggling with their daily healthcare, nutrition, and living arrangements needs. Please join us in helping these new immigrants, as many of them are asylum seekers.

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